Candi Sewu (Thousand Temples)

The Temple of Love and Betrayal.

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When coming to Jogja, the Prambanan temple complex is one of the highlights to visit in the area. This Hindu temple compound is the largest in Indonesia and dates back to the 9th century. Most tourist go straight for the main temple complex however just 800 meters north lies Candi Sewu. My favourite.

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They temple dates back to the 8th century and was likely completed by the Medang King, Ratai Pikatan, who married a Buddhist princess. However nobody seems knows the real story behind these magnificient temples.

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To visit Candi Sewu, you enter through the main gate at the Prambanan temple compound. Follow the signs to the bicycle rental and train tours, you could take any of these however if you have time and its not too hot I would recommend walking. Before you reach Candi Sewu you will see a row of temples that are no longer intact and temple stones piled everywhere. The complex was severely damaged during the 2006 earthquake.

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The main temple in the centre is the largest one in the complex and has been completely refurbished, and you can go inside safely. Iron framing is embedded in the structure, and some stones have been replaced with newer ones. But overall the temple looks beautiful and majestic, with the shape and reliefs maintaining its authenticity.

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Candi Sewu is the second largest Buddihist temple in Indonesia after Borobudur.

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Hope you enjoy Candi Sewu as much as I did.


Prambanan Plain- Yogya

Prambanan Plain is a patchwork blanket of sun-spangled paddy-fields and vast plantations of wheat, maize and cane, sweeping down from the southern slopes of the volcano. As well as being one of the most fertile regions in Java, the plain is home to the largest concentration of ancient ruins on the island. Over thirty temples and palaces, dating mainly from the eighth and ninth centuries, lie scattered over thirty square kilometer area. Though many of these are little more than heaps of rubble lying forgotten behind thick groves of sugar cane or amongst the lush forest of the hills, a number have been restored to something approaching their original state. As you drive east along Jalan Adisucipto from Yogya, your eye will be caught by three giant, rocket shaped andesite temples, each smothered in intricate narrative carving that suddenly loom up by the side of the highway. This is the Prambanan complex, the largest Hindu complex in Java and a worthy rival of Borobudur.

Prambanan PlainPrambanan Plain

Prambanan PlainPrambanan Plain

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