Day out in Old Town Jakarta (part 2)

Old Town is extremely popular for photos not only for tourist but also with models and photography students. Here are some of them using the old buildings around the town square.

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DSC08188 DSC08166

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Day Out in Old Town Jakarta

Museum Seni Rupa and Keramik

DSC08374 DSC08329

The building of the Jakarta Fine Arts and Ceramic Museum was initially used as the office of Road van Justitie Binnen het Casteel Batavia (the Dutch Courthouse) on 21st January 1870 by the Governor General Jan Pieter Miyer. The architect who designed the building was Hoofd Ingenier W.H.F.H. Van Raders. The building was used as a dormitory, logistic warehouse, museum and history office, fine arts bureau and in early 1990 the Fine Arts and Ceramic museum.

DSC08347 DSC08320

 The ceramic collection has around 8000 pieces from local and foreign ceramics dated as far back as the 14th century.

DSC08321 DSC08315

 Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday – 09: 00 to 15:00

 Closed on Monday and public holidays

Price: Adult Rp 5000.00

College student: Rp 3000.00

 Children: Rp. 1 500.00

Rainy season/Floods in Jakarta

Due to the heavy rain on Thursday, Jakarta flooded. The government has declared a state of emergency through to at least the 27th of January. However, looking outside today one would think that the floods never happened.

2013-01-17 12.24.252013-01-17 12.20.37

Clogged canals and aging infrastructure only intensified the problem.

2013-01-15 09.55.082013-01-18 11.01.31

Cars sat abandoned in impassable roads, public transport came to a standstill and traveling through the streets even on foot was nearly impossible (No school for two days).

2013-01-18 10.54.172013-01-18 10.54.00

We finally ventured outside on Friday – bored and in desperate need of food. Worried that we might be stuck inside for a while, we made our way to Mall Kelapa Gading on foot and in knee deep water.

2013-01-18 11.21.332013-01-18 11.35.55

Locals having a spot of fun.

Happy Traveling and stay safe!