The Pussybow Blouse

Meet the sartorial version of Berocca – perfect for the girls who always feels a smidge less put together than she’d like to be. Azealia Banks raps the house down wearing one, surely you can make a similiar impact at your Monday meeting.


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I found these at Number 61 for RP115 000,00.


Candi Banyunibo

Candi Banyunibo lies 1km south of Ratu Boko. Lost in the middle of rice fields, this Buddhist temple blends seamlessly with its surroundings and will leave the impression of serenity and completeness. Truly a gorgeous step on your trail.

Jogja Map DSC08669

DSC08654 DSC08726


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White Jeans

Liz Hurley was really on to something all those years ago. If you’ve been privately pining to look as insouciant as a French fashion editor (because who hasn’t?), white denim is the key. Don’t quite have model pins? Look for a looser fit and a few strategic rips. Tres cool.

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Day out in Old Town Jakarta (part 2)

Old Town is extremely popular for photos not only for tourist but also with models and photography students. Here are some of them using the old buildings around the town square.

DSC08180 DSC08178

DSC08188 DSC08166

DSC08218 DSC08221

DSC08224 DSC08203

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Day Out in Old Town Jakarta

Museum Seni Rupa and Keramik

DSC08374 DSC08329

The building of the Jakarta Fine Arts and Ceramic Museum was initially used as the office of Road van Justitie Binnen het Casteel Batavia (the Dutch Courthouse) on 21st January 1870 by the Governor General Jan Pieter Miyer. The architect who designed the building was Hoofd Ingenier W.H.F.H. Van Raders. The building was used as a dormitory, logistic warehouse, museum and history office, fine arts bureau and in early 1990 the Fine Arts and Ceramic museum.

DSC08347 DSC08320

 The ceramic collection has around 8000 pieces from local and foreign ceramics dated as far back as the 14th century.

DSC08321 DSC08315

 Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday – 09: 00 to 15:00

 Closed on Monday and public holidays

Price: Adult Rp 5000.00

College student: Rp 3000.00

 Children: Rp. 1 500.00

Back Track

Bags aren’t just about how to use them, but also about interesting material and stylish shape. When you’re hitting the Mall with friends, befriending the local bookstore or going on your next holiday destination, choose the appropriate bag to put all those gadgets in.

Try a backpack. Sling over one shoulder for effortless cool.

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Ijen The Irresistable

Mount Ijen, located between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso regencies boasts a phenomenon that can only be seen in two places in the entire globe, which is the blue fire. The bluish flames of burning molten sultur can be seen inside the crater, which can be seen at night until just before sunrise. To reach the peak, you will have to ascend 3km of the mountain, usually starting around midnight. We started our journey at 4am just before sunrise and was extremely lucky.

DSC07488 DSC07494

Sulphur is extracted from the lake and a vulcanology post just below the crater. The sulphur collectors hike up in the morning and return around 1pm when the clouds rolls in. Trekkers are advised to do the same, but the clouds often disappear in the late afternoon.

DSC07509 DSC07496

The best time to make the hike is in the dry season between April and October.

DSC07524 DSC07529

Travellers are advise to wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes.

Happy trekking!

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