The Affandi Museum – Jogja

The Affandi Museum lies in Jalan Laksda Adisucipto 167. on the main road connecting Yogyakarta and Solo, on the west bank of GajahwongRiver. The whole complex siyuated on a 3500 square meter of land consisting of the museum and another where Affandi lived himself.

DSC09457 DSC09493

There are three galleries that permanently exhibit a collection of paintings. The first was opened in 1974.

 DSC09485 DSC09469

The paintings consists of sketches on paper, watercolors, pastel, oil paintings on canvas and a number of selected reproductions.

DSC09463 DSC09472

The second gallery was built with the aid of the Indonesian government and officially opened in 1987. This gallery is used as an exhibition hall for the museum’s painting collection from various famous artists.

DSC09491 DSC09502

The third gallery was built by the Affandi Foundation and finished in 1999. It was built to fulfill Affandi’s last wish to have a sufficient storage for his collection.

DSC09509 DSC09496

Three storied building was built with the same basic idea as the other buildings. Curved and spiral shapes can be seen through the entire complex as well as the banana leaf shaped roof. From the top of the roof you can see the GajahWongRiver as well as the road.

Opening Hours: 9am – 4pm daily except on public holidays.


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