Buy Now, Wear Forever #4


All hail Coco Chanel and the sartorial saviour that is the little black dress. There’s no occasion it refuses to shine for – morning (cue Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy, munching pastries and coffee out front of Tiffany’s) or evening. The LBD packs ridiculous amounts of personality in all it’s forms, boxy shifts, flirty A-line, strapless, bodycon … you name it. And boy is it versatile, everyone from Jackie Onassis to the slick haired back up singers in Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love clip (well worth You Tube-ing) has given it a fashion moment. Whether you fall for one cut from demure lace, just made for high tea with the girls, or a leather mini dress begging for cocktails this weekend, it’s the universal symbol of confident chic – think Lady Di stepping out in the media dubbed “revenge dress”, or the one and only Debbie Harry rocking out on stage. LBD is fashion code for “I’m awesome, and you and everyone else should know it”. Plus, Kate Moss has been turning to it for decades, which makes it the defining piece of everlasting cool.



Kate Moss proves that the little black dress works time and time again.

Thank you for reading!


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