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Mix metals, clash colours and stack ’em high. The more the better.

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Happy Shopping!


Overshare – May 2013

Here are some of the things I found and love in May. Hope you like them as much as I did.

Shops: VNC

Launching its rainbow-colored collection, VNC opens a store with a new concept at Pondok Indah Mall 1. Presenting 24 looks of VNC Spring 2013 collections, a floral affair inspired by tea parties, candy bars and beautiful, delicate blooms with floral candies. This season, VNC offers ballet pumps, sandals and flats, going hand in hand with Spring floral dresses and lace detail. The new store concept reflects the modern style and premium quality of the brand. I’ve bought  five pairs from them this month alone.

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Books: World War Z by Max Brooks

My favourite movie genre is horror. I love mummies, vampires, werewolves (not the Twilight kind) so when I saw this book at Periplus I had to read it. World War Z is an oral account of the zombie war – told by men and women who witness the horror and how they managed to survive. I’m dying to get my hands on a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide. However the book selection in Jakarta is limited and I’m just going to have to wait until I get to Singapore or Malaysia. Can’t wait for the movie …


Food: Arab Corner

This little gem is hidden in Jalan Jaksa area. The food is amazing and authentic. And the prices reasonably – a meal for two people is usually about Rp.200 000 including a starter. The service is a little slow at lunch time but the dinner service is quick and you get to watch the street vendors selling wares from the first floor without getting hassled.

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Blogs: Sea of shoes

I love this blog. It’s written by Jane Aldridge and even though our lifestyles are completely different the images on this blog are truly a work of art. She has inspired me to use more colour and accessories in my daily life.  And also to take better pictures. www.seaofshoes.com


This month’s obsession: Basic Gray Sweatshirt

For the last few months I’ve been hunting for a basic gray sweatshirt with no luck. Dry season is here and so are summer clothes so chances of me finding now is slim to none. However I still can’t help but obsess over it.


Happy Traveling!

Kudus and around

Kudus is a fairly quiet industrial city built around Sungai Serang and it can justifiably claim to be Kota Kretek, the ubiquitous sweet smelling clove cigarettes which was mass produced for the first time here in the 1920s and today over 25 kretek manufacturers are based in and around the city. We manage to visit the Kretek museum.



The western part of Kudus is quieter and prettier than the modern eastern half. Here you can find traces of the city’s past, including its most important mosque, the Mesjid Al-Aqsa. It is renowned as a centre for Islamic study. The mosque was founded in 1549 by Jafar Shodiq considered one of the nine holy saints of Indonesia.



Happy Traveling!


Lying halfway between Semarang and Kudus at the southwestern corner of Gunung Muriah peninsula is Demak. Once the major port and the capital of Java’s first Islamic Kingdom. Here you will find the Grand Mosque (Mesjid Agung), the oldest in Central Java and the holiest on the whole island. Sharing the mosque’s courtyard is a small musuem,which traces the fortunes of the building through the centuries, with scale models and photos.



Happy Traveling!

Are you a groundhog shopper?

If you closet is overflowing with grey t-shirts, black blazers and blue jeans, here’s how to refresh what you’ve got – without really changing a thing.


 What do striped tee, indigo skinnies and ankle boots have in common? They’re all fashion MVPs: key items that go with everything never look dated and hold their own through jobs, boyfriends, babies and mortgages. Which is great, but explains why we’ve all been wearing the same thing since the mid- noughties. So, how do you update your “look” without:

a) Spending a bomb

b) Picking a trend piece that’s half-right, or

c) Slinking home with leopard print scarf no.15?

The answer lies in mastering the art of same-same but different style – expanding your signature look by making subtle changes to the color, fabric and shape of what you love. It’s pushing boundaries while remaining cheerfully within your comfort zone and it’s a trick you can steal from the most stylish celebs. Take Miranda Kerr. She could make Net-A-Porter her closet, but her weekend wardrobe remains as consistent as it is covetable: smart, sporty basics punctuated with a bit of color.


Katie Holmes is another same-same but different guru. A pioneer of boyfriend jeans and ballet flats, these days the ex Mrs. Cruise has incorporated white 7 for all Mankind boot cuts and tan Rag & Bone Newbury boots to achieve the same relaxed, polished look, but in a totally new way.

In non celeb world, you might be concerned people think you’re wearing exactly the same stuff, so before buying, ask yourself: Have I already got this in the same fabric or shape? Answer no to one, and you are good to go. And if you feel like you are letting the fashion team down by forking out for your 22nd pair of ballet pumps – don’t. Knowing what you like and wearing it often is effortlessly chic – and shows confidence that you know your personal fashion formula works for you. Just ask Miranda …

 On the hunt for your wardrobe Holy Grail?

 If you always buy stripe tees …

Wide stripes in vintage-y hues, it will remain wearable beyond a season.


 If you always buy blue jeans …

Try a denim skirt in a mid blue wash and a slim shape which will work with everything just like you favorite skinnies. Plus denim with elastane offers stretchy support i.e. comfy.


 If you always buy white tees …

Look for t-shirts with low armholes and a drop hem. A worn out look of burnout cotton is a fresh take on your standard texture.


Happy Shopping!

Malang- Indonesia

Feel the unique atmosphere in the Chinese community in Malang: China Town or Pecinan, with the old famous Klenteng or Chinese Temple “Eng An Kiong”, built in 1894, reveals a fusion mix of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.


Balekambang Beach: This beach has the same characteristics as the beaches in Bali. There is a fisherman village and a Hindu temple on a small island.


Singosari Temple: Also known as Kendedes Temple. It was built at the end of the 14th century, to honor King Kertanegara, the last King of the Singosari Dynasty.


Kidal Temple: It was built around the middle of the 13th century. The narrative in Negarakertagama identifies Kidal Temple as the burial shrine of King Singhasari II, Anusapati.


Jago Temple: Also known as Jajaghu Temple or Tumpang Temple. Mentioned in Negarakertagama as one of the places visited by King Hayam Wuruk from Majapahit in 1359.


Happy Travelling!

Food Diary


Frais bakery2013-05-06 21.25.28


Frais bakery2013-05-07 19.28.38


2013-05-08 19.34.51


2013-05-09 14.30.582013-05-09 18.09.53


2013-05-10 14.08.232013-05-10 14.11.33


2013-05-11 14.55.322013-05-11 19.25.06


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Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

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