Indonesians drive on the left side of the road, sometimes the right, sometimes the pavement. They come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s just a few:

Bajaj – a noisy but inexpensive form of in town transport.

Multi-passenger bajaj

New Bajaj         

Mini Metro bus – bus services are available in most areas. Buses are cheap only 3500 Rp per trip and they run more often however during hush hour you might have to fight a few passengers just to get in and you have to watch out for pickpockets.

Angkot – these operate as share taxis, running semi fixed routes.

Becak – three wheeled bicycle rickshaws, these are banned from city centers due to the fact that they cause major traffic jams.

Ojek – motorcycle drivers who will take you where no other form of transport can. Negotiate fares before you get on.

Happy traveling!!!


Where to stay in Jakarta

Congratulations! You’ve picked Indonesia as your next destination; you’re packed your bags and you’re looking super stylish at the airport. Now what? Well you need a place to stay. I got lucky, as an English teacher with a language school I got picked up at the airport and taken to an adorable house in a secure complex in Kela Gading. However not everyone’s that lucky. Chances are you did some research before you left and booked a hostel or hotel in Jalan Jaksa. Now in order to get there you need a cab/taxi. Look out for Blue Bird taxis. They have a reputation for being safe, comfortable and the drivers use the meters without you having to ask. No need to negotiate prices. When you arrive in Jalan Jaksa, try (I know it’s hard but try) not to judge. Back in the day I bet Jalan Jaksa was the place to be but now a days it looks a little run down and depressing. The good news is that the train station is within walking distance and so are the malls (Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia). There are loads of bars and a few good restaurants. KL Village has really good roti canai and rendang at affordable prices. It’s a favorite hang out for both locals and backpackers. You can also walk to the NationalMuseum.

If you want a little more luxury and have a little extra cash to spend, try Kemang in South Jakarta. There’s malls, bars, restaurants, boutiques, etc.




Airport Chic

Frequent Flyer        

I would love to look super chic at the airport instead I end up looking like a homeless bag lady. My last trip from Malaysia to Indonesia my suitcase was a little overweight so I ended up wearing two t-shirts, a trench coat, a hoodie and boots in the middle of summer. My carry on was a backpack that weighed 14kg/ 30 lb. There is nothing stylish about dragging an overstuffed, overweight bag through the airport. I vowed that the next time I move I’m going to downsize and be more organized. Here’s a couple of tips I’ve picked up from the internet, fashion books and experience.

1        Comfort is key. The look can be as easy as a pair of skinny jeans with a cardigan, big scarf and ballet pumps or leggings, trench coat and a tee. Never a skirt, never a dress!

2      Keep your carry on to a manageable size and be strict about streamlining its contents. It needs to be big enough to accommodate books, magazines (you are bound to buy some at the airport), your laptop and a change of clothes.

3        Dress appropriately for the climate of your origin and then lose some layers when you arrive.

4        Oversize scarf – bring one on every flight. It doubles as a blanket on the plane.

5        Moisturizer, lip balm, eye drops, toothbrush and a few make up items all thrown into a mid size clutch that can double up as an evening bag.

“Be smart about what you pack. Don’t lug around ten extra suitcases because you couldn’t make up your mind.” Chloe Sevigny

Happy traveling!!!

My inspiration – for next time …


The trench coat and legging combo allows you to layer but still gives you a polished look.


Both the trench coat and the ballet pumps are easy to slip on and off.


I recently saw this in Marie Claire and it was love at first sight. It’s currently on my wish list. Perfect size for a laptop, books, magazines, purse and passport.


Add a scarf for a hint of color.